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retirement from Wikipedia[edit]

I am annoucing my retirement from Wikipedia. I am not going to edit "Wikipedia" as much as I used to. Its mainly because of the way I am, I don't like change much (which some will probably know or guess why). I prefered Wikipedia more when it was smaller and I felt part of a small community, now Wikipedia has got bigger (which is great) but I dont feel as useful, or as important, I just feel like part of a mob.

I will help out now and thenwith the sister projects but I will not finish of the Eurovision project which in the main part as soley been mostly my work. Thsi is ebcuase its too much work for one person to do. But I have cretad a good template I belive to be followed or improved on.

You can still contact me via my talks page if you have any questions. Or I might be on IRC sometimes.