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Hello and welcome to Wikipedia!

Just a few quick tips:

  • Our Tutorial explains how to edit; you can experiment in the test area.
  • We have help pages, and if they don't help (can happen :-), post a question at the Help Desk.
  • Remember that we strive to have unbiased articles.
  • Eventually, you might want to read our Manual of Style and Policies and Guidelines.
  • Use the "Preview" button below the edit box! It helps you catch layout, format, and spelling errors before saving.
  • To sign your messages (to talk pages, for instance—like I do below), add four tildes (~~~~) to your posts. The software will replace them by your signature and a time stamp when you save the page.

Anyway, have fun improving this encyclopedia! Lupo 11:51, 27 Oct 2004 (UTC)

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