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I'm a pancreas transplant surgeon and just saw this page for the first time. It really needs some work. Most of the material is more or less correct, but I would by no means recommend it as a source of any but the most superficial information. Maybe I'll fix it up a bit when I get some time. (talk) 13:26, 18 April 2009 (UTC)David Bruce, M.D. - Ochsner Clinic, New Orleans.[reply]



Having just undergone a kidney/pancreas transplant, I can attest that the transplant does not involve replacing the existing pancreas. Instead, the existing pancreas is left in place, and the new one added at another point on the intestine.

In my case, the pancreas transplant was performed to cure Type I diabetes. It may be that some transplants are done so as to replace the existing pancreas. We need to check some facts.

BTW, the same was true of the kidney. My original two kidneys were left in place, and the transplanted kidney was added in my front abdomin -- just below and to the left of my naval (the pancreas just below and to the right of my navel).

-Anthropos 06:09, 11 Dec 2003 (UTC)

This page does need further clarification. While a new pancreas replaces functions of a diseased pancreas, the organ itself is not removed -- the donated cadaver organ is inserted into the patient, but does not replace it. The diseased duodenum is also not removed.

A pancrectomy is the surgery that removes a pancreas. Transplants do not and this is also true for all three types of transplants noted in the article. Also, pancreatic transplants are not performed mostly on persons with end-stage renal disease. This may be true for persons receiving a KP transplant, but lack of hypoglycemia awareness coupled with severe brittle diabetes are the main reasons for receiving a pancreas transplant alone.

For more information about this procedure I refer you to the following outside links:




I am hesitant to alter someone elses' medical information, but the information in the article is not complete and not entirely accurate. I run a diabetes support site and often refer visitors to Wikiepedia. It would be great to see this article updated so that I can refer others with confidence.

--Islets of Hope 22:44, 12 March 2006 (UTC)[reply]

6/21/08 I am at the University of Indianapolis at the moment with my nephew who has just had a pancreas transplant for enzyme defeciency and diabetes. His own pancreas was removed a year ago so that he could undergo a islet cell transplant. It is possible to not have the native organ and to receive a pancreas transplant. My nephew is a living example of this.


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